The third AUTOPILOT Webinar, held the last 24 of September, is now online!

Check our library section for the full transcript of “Hazard and VRU warnings for AVs: Livorno Pilot site”.

Paolo Pagano (CNIT), started the webinar with a short introduction about the project context and motivation, focusing on the specific aim of the webinar and the Italian scenario and normative.

Lorenzo Pieri (AVR Group) got then to the heart of the matter, describing in details the Italian pilot site of Livorno, which included the area from the city port to the highway to test the vehicles on both highway and urban area. The speech outlined both the use cases, giving an overview of the IoT components of the pilot site.

Paolo Scalambro (TIM) continued dedicating part of the webinar to a general overview of the ICON one Machine2Machine platform, a service designed to set up a system of interoperability, communications, cloud model and data stores/shares.

Leandro D’Orazio (CRF) took then the stage to describe the Vehicle features and IoT assisted AD manoeuvres, starting from the software architecture and moving to the AUTOPILOT vehicle one.

Daniele Brevi (ISMB) took care of presenting the use of IoT for the implementation of urban use cases of the Italian pilot site, putting the accent on technologies such as pothole detector, smart traffic light, algorithms for pedestrian detection.

All the presentations are available in the Webinar section of this website.

Stay tuned for the next one!