AUTOPILOT Scientific publications

This section gathers articles, technical papers and scientific publications AUTOPILOT has published in journals or presented at conferences or other events in the past.

The list will be updated throughout the project life-cycle.

For the technical papers presented at the 13th EU ITS Congress (June 2019, Brainport), please visit the dedicated section.

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Scientific Publications

1. F. Fischer, F. Corazza. (16 June 2017). Data on the Road. Baltic Transport Journal.

2. O. Vermesan, J. Bacquet. (2017). Cognitive Hyperconnected Digital Transformation. Internet of Things Intelligence Evolution. River Publishers. (p.284 – 292).

3. S. Nikolaou, I. Gragapoulos. (2017). Collaborative Perception in automated transportation through IoT technology for safeguarding VRU protection.  European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS) Annual Forum 2017 “Smart Systems for an Automated World”.

4. S. Nikolaou, I. Gragapoulos. (2017). IoT-based interaction of automated vehicles with Vulnerable Road Users in controlled environments. 8th International Congress on Transportation Research – ICTR 2017.

5. R.Willenbrock, J. Tischler (2018). How IOT based Automated Driving can help cities to reduce Air Pollution. Contribution to Electric Components and Systems for Automative – Proceedings of the 5th SIA CESA Automotive Electronics Congress (Paris, 2018).

6. T. Ojanperä, H. van den Berg, W. IJntema, R. de Souza Schwartz, M. Djurica (Aug 2018), Application Synchronization Among Multiple MEC Servers in Connected Vehicle Scenarios 2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Fall).

7. A. Tesei, L. Di Mauro, M. Falcitelli, S. Noto, P. Pagano (Aug 2018), IOTA-VPKI: A DLT-Based and Resource Efficient Vehicular Public Key Infrastructure 2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Fall).

8. E. Aittoniemi, V. Kolarova, Y. Barnard, K. Touliou, B. Netten (Sept 2018), How may connected automated driving improve quality of life? – 25th ITS World Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

9. L. Tcheumadjeu, F. Andert, Q. Tang, A. Sohr, R. Kaul, J. Belz, P. Lutz, M. Maier, M. G. Muller, W. Sturzl (Nov 2018), Integration of an Automated Valet Parking Service into an Internet of Things Platform, 2018 21st International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC)Maui, Hawaii, USA, November 4-7, 2018.

10. R. Willenbrock, J. Tischler, “How IOT Based Automated Driving can help cities to reduce air pollution” (pp. 205-215), in Electronic Components and Systems for Automotive Applications, Proceedings of the 5th CESA Automotive Electronics Congress (Paris 2018), Springer. 

11. G. Larini, G. Romano, M. Falcitelli, S. Noto, P. Pagano, M. Djurica, G. Karagiannis, G. Solmaz (June 2019), Autonomous Driving progressed by oneM2M – The Experience of the AUTOPILOT Project, EUCNC Conference 2019.

12. I. Bosi, D. Brevi, E. Ferrera, C. Pastrone (May 2019), In-Vehicle IoT Platform Enabling the Virtual Sensor Concept: A Pothole Detection Use-case for Cooperative Safety, IoT BDS 2019.

13. C. Gambella, J. Monteil, A. Simonetto (Feb 2019), Real-time ridesharing via linear assignment problems in “Journal Transportation Research Part C” (pp. 208 -232), April 2019.

14. Solmaz et al., “Toward Understanding Crowd Mobility in Smart Cities through the Internet of Things,” in IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 57, no. 4, pp. 40-46, April 2019, Feature Topic on Crowd Management.

15. Cirillo, F.-J. Wu, G. Solmaz, and E. Kovacs “Embracing the Future Internet of Things” In Sensors, January 2019, Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 2nd Global IoT Summit: IoT Technologies and Applications for the Benefit of Society.