01 January 2017 –
31 December 2019

Pilot Sites


Automated driving is expected to increase safety, provide more comfort and create many new business opportunities for mobility services. The market size is expected to grow gradually reaching 50% of the market in 2035. The Internet of Things (IoT) is about enabling connections between objects or “things” –connecting anything, anytime, anyplace, using any service over any network. A giant IoT network is expected to consist of up to 50 billion objects by 2020, enabling the advancement of a wide range of applications across various areas impacting our everyday life. “Automated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things” (AUTOPILOT) brings IoT into the automotive world to transform connected vehicles — moving ”things” in the IoT ecosystem — into highly and fully automated vehicles. While using the IoT potential for automated driving, AUTOPILOT also makes data from autonomous cars available to the Internet-of-Things.

The AUTOPILOT consortium represents all relevant areas of the IoT eco-system. Thanks to AUTOPILOT, the IoT eco-system will involve vehicles, road infrastructure and surrounding objects in the IoT, with particular attention to safety critical aspects of automated driving. AUTOPILOT IoT enabled autonomous driving cars are tested, in real conditions, at six permanent large-scale pilot sites in Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain. Find out more about the AUTOPILOT pilot sites here.




To bring together relevant knowledge and technology from the automotive and the IoT value chains in order to develop IoT-architectures and platforms which will bring automated driving towards a new dimension.




  • Enhance the driving environment perception with IoT sensors enabling safer highly automated driving
  • Foster innovation in automotive, IoT and mobility services
  • Use and evaluate advanced vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity technologies
  • Involve users, public services, business players to assess the IoT socio-economic benefits
  • Contribute to the IoT standardisation and eco-system

Introducing the AUTOPILOT Project

Project coordinator Francois Fischer (ERTICO – ITS Europe) explains the role of IoT in AUTOPILOT
(video filmed during IoT Week 2018)