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Introducing the AUTOPILOT project

“Automated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things” (AUTOPILOT) brings IoT into the automotive world to transform connected vehicles — moving ”things” in the IoT ecosystem — into highly and fully automated vehicles. While using the IoT potential for automated driving, AUTOPILOT also makes data from autonomous cars available to the Internet-of-Things.

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IoT Large Scale pilots

An overview of the IoT European Large Scale Pilots Programme Projects.

AUTOPILOT is presented by Anne-Charlotte Nicoud from VEDECOM, one of our consortium partners.

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CREATE the Next Generation IoT eXperience for the Future

In the context of the latest workshop series for IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme, held in Lisbon in February 2019, Mr. Francisco Sanchez from CTAG, Spain, presents AUTOPILOT’s goals and challenges.

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IoT European Large-Scale Pilots – Video Stories

François Fischer from ERTICO, one of AUTOPILOT partners, presenting the concept of Automated Driving and AUTOPILOT project.

“IoT in a word? Future!”


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AUTOPILOT Platooning Formation

TNO, one of AUTOPILOT partners, presenting Platooning use case.

The demonstration is held in the presence of an IoT environment.

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