The IoT week 2019 has been a success for AUTOPILOT!

The project attended the event as part of the LSP projects. AUTOPILOT booth, in the LSP stand area, was an opportunity to interact with the other project but also to raise awareness among visitors regarding IoT and its different societal challenges. For this purpose, a video about about the project’s mission and achievements was displayed at our booth.

In addition, AUTOPILOT carried out several activities during the week.

A session and panel discussion on ‘5G for connected vehicles (LSP)’ was presented by Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF) and Martin Bauer (NECLab), including a focus on AUTOPILOT’s contribution to define the practical applications of IoT for 5G. M. Bauer presented the concept of a digital twin to support autonomous driving in the context of the AUTOPILOT project. The presentation introduced the concept of a digital twin, showing how it can help in understanding the current situation, predict future ones and recommend actions, extending the view of an autonomously driving car beyond the range of its own sensors.

AUTOPILOT participated to the LSP Activity Group 01 Workshop, sharing its exploitation plan with the other LSPs. Partners explored the possibility of a cross-sector exploitation, for instance developing a set of services in the Smart Cities context from mobility (in-vehicle) data, etc. In the context of testing and evaluating the AUTOPILOT results, an experiment together with the SynchroniCity LSP is planned to test how IoT enables cross-domain information sharing. This will highlight how additional relevant information from other domains can be made available, increasing the value and relevance of IoT.

The IoT catalogue raised great attention during the IoT week, also thanks to the presentation carried by Unparallel and Create-IoT team (two other LSPs) about the Internet of Food & Farm 2020. AUTOPILOT and Unparallel are already working on developing an AUTOPILOT use case catalogue.