On 15 October, several managing directors from different industries that are applying IoT technologies to improve business efficiency gathered in Prague, Czech Republic, at the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) conference.

During the event, FIA, part of AUTOPILOT consortium, contributed to the meeting by presenting the users’ acceptance of IoT applications, taking the AUTOPILOT research project as a use case.

The FIA presented the current project developments taking place at the six permanent large-scale pilot sites in Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain, where AUTOPILOT is applying IoT technologies to improve automated driving performance.

The IIoT event had the participation of several Czech companies such as the IQRF Alliance, which are already providing some city mobility solutions by developing IoT technologies to tacked issues such as pollution, street noise and city traffic. Other participants, namely Patrick Slavenburg from Smartified, also presented how the IoT is already improving the data collection and analysis by showing some case studies in the transportation infrastructure management field. In addition, David Purón from Barbara IoT presented some of the current risks of gathering information in the IoT clouds such as cyber breaches, providing some solutions and recommendations.

The event was an excellent opportunity to raise attention to some of the users’ concerns when it comes to IoT technologies and to disseminate the user acceptance evaluation work that AUTOPILOT is undertaking.