From automated to remote-controlled parking

[…] Current developments now allow the parking process to be started from a distance. In what is known as Remote Parking, the driver selects the parking space in the car and activates the remote mode. They can then leave the vehicle while launching and tracking the automated parking maneuver on an app on their cell phone. The driver only has to keep the operation going by touching a relevant button in the app developed by Continental, and the vehicle will automatically maneuver into its final parking position, lock the doors and shut down the engine. […]

Into the parking garage and back, without the driver

Another further step is taken by automated ‘Valet Parking’, in which the driver leaves the car at a transfer point in front of a collective parking area or parking garage. The vehicle then drives through the barrier automatically, finds a free parking space and parks. When the driver presses a button on their cell phone, the car returns to the transfer point automatically. Pedestrians and other vehicles crossing its path are detected and the driving strategy is adapted dynamically.

The special feature here: Automated Valet Parking was developed in such a way that a vehicle can find a parking space regardless of the infrastructure in the parking garage. No other changes or investments, such as cameras or contact barriers, are required in the parking garage. Since the vehicle orientates itself by means of sensors installed as standard, this means that valet parking could become reality comparatively soon — probably already by 2022.

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