The 25th edition of the ITS World Congress, with a great focus on automated driving, is only a week away. The AUTOPILOT team has been busy preparing different activities for the week and there will surely be something for everyone – regardless of whether you are new to the project or have been following us from the beginning.

Monday – AUTOPILOT’s Special Interest Session

When: Monday, 17 September, 13:30 – 15:00
Where: Europe (B4 M6)
What: SIS15 “IoT Advancing Automated Mobility and Smart Cities for Improved Quality of Life” 

The Internet of Things, which will soon see all electronic devices connected to the Internet, is expected to change our lives significantly. Connected devices will generate an abundance of useful information. Can mobility in cities be improved by automated driving and the Internet of Things to enhance quality of life? How can we deal with cyber-security, privacy and interoperability? These are questions that this Special Interest Session will answer. The session is organised in cooperation with SynchroniCity, a sister project of AUTOPILOT in the LSP cluster dedicated to smart cities and creating better services for their citizens.

Tuesday – Discuss the Business Potential of IoT in Automated Driving

When: Tuesday, 18 September, 9:00 – 13:00
Where: Room 19
What: AUTOPILOT’s workshop on the business potential of IoT-enabled services for automated driving

AUTOPILOT has entered its second half and we are now seeking to involve external stakeholders to discuss the marketability and take up of AUTOPILOT results in the real world. Particular focus in the workshop will be put on the marketability and potential exploitation avenues for IoT-enabled services for automated driving. Join us to discover the state-of-the-art technologies that AUTOPILOT is using for its services and to share your opinion on he potential of IoT for automated driving.

Tuesday – Find Out How Automated Vehicles Will Improve Public Transport

When: Tuesday, 18 September, 17:15 – 18:45
Where: Tokyo (B3 M1-2)
What: SIS34 “Autonomous Vehicles in Public Transport”

In this session, Quantum Inventions (a Continental – AUTOPILOT partner – subsidiary in Singapore) will look at how automated driving will enable public transport. For cities, public transport remains the most attractive way of reducing congestion on the roads. Autonomous, and possibly electric, vehicles hold great promise in delivering green and efficient transport. The session will discuss some of Singapore’s ambitious plans to roll out autonomous vehicles in public transport and touch on different aspects of making this happen.

Wednesday – Catch Us at the European Commission Stand

When: Wednesday, 19 September, 12:30 – 13:00
Where: European Commission stand (C2-060) in the Exhibition Space
What: Speech from AUTOPILOT project coordinator Francois Fischer

Hear all about the progress that AUTOPILOT has been making to bring the Internet of Things into the connected driving domain. If you’re new to the project, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the AUTOPILOT concept, ambitions and advancements.

Thursday – Learn About How Automated Driving Can Improve Quality of Life

When: Thursday, 20 September, 13:30 – 15:00
Where: Montreal (B5 M1) / TS55 Impact Evaluation
What: TS55 Impact Evaluation

Elina Aittoniemi (from AUTOPILOT’s partner VTT, who is in charge of the Tampere pilot site) will present a paper, written together with other AUTOPILOT partners, on how connected automated driving (AD) may improve quality of life. The challenge is approached from three angles: how IoT can accelerate, enhance or enable the development, functionalities, performance and benefits of automated driving functions.

Throughout the Week  – Visit Our Booths in the Exhibition Area

When: All week
Where: Exhibition area
What: Meet AUTOPILOT partners to discuss IoT and automated driving
All week long you will be able to meet AUTOPILOT partners in the Exhibition Area. ERTICO, the coordinator of AUTOPILOT, will be at booth C3-025. Other AUTOPILOT part

ners will be at:

  • Booth E-083 – Huawei
  • Booth C4-015 – Applus IDIADA
  • Booth C2-045 & C2-050 – NEC
  • Booth C3-012 – NXP Semiconductors
  • Booth E-085 – Technolution
  • Booth E-084 – TNO
  • Booth E-070 – T-Systems
  • Booth C2-001 – TomTom
  • Booth E-080 – Valeo
  • Booth E-065 – VEDECOM
  • Booth C4-012 – Vicomtech
  • Booth C3-020 – VTT