Another opportunity for AUTOPILOT to spread the news!

This week, AUTOPILOT has been a key contributors to the EGNSS User Consultation Platform for the road segment at the EU Space Week 2018, held in Marseille.

Francois Fischer, AUTOPILOT project coordinator from ERTICO, presented the opportunity to use Internet of Things to improve and enhance geo- positioning experiences and services for autonomous driving.

Francois Fischer, elected for the second Year the rapporteur of the User Consultation Platform for the Road segment, presented the recommendations and conclusions from the group at the User Consultation Platform Plenary on Tuesday 4 December..

AUTOPILOT was also showcased during the Session Key-note, held on EU Space Week Day 3: the session was about the opportunities and challenges of IoT for the Road sector and the solutions that space is providing.

Mr. Fischer’s intervention focused on “The era of Internet of Things”, presenting the Alliance for IoT Innovation association, where ERTICO is chairing the Smart Mobility Working Group and the EU funded AUTOPILOT Large Scale Pilot Site  applied IoT technologies to improve autonomous driving performance and create new societal and business values out of IoT.