Daejeon Pilot Site

About Daejeon Pilot Site

The Korean Pilot Site will work in close relationship with the AUTOPILOT partners and will focus on the deployment an Intersection Safety Information (ISI) concept based on IoT. ISI objective is to provide road situation information at the intersection for increasing autonomous vehicle driving safety when crossing intersections in a urban environment. Crossing intersection is challenging for automated vehicle due to many obstacles like pedestrians and other vehicles crossing the road and traffic signal phases. Processing the sensed information from road radar and traffic signal will feed the LDM. IoT will be used for collecting and utilizing the data contributing to enhanced the perception in the automated driving vehicle with the goal to realise a fully automated driving at the equipped intersections. The pilot site will use a test site at ETRI (300m 2 lanes road and 1 intersection) and carry out test in real environment at Daejeon city.

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