Brainport Pilot Site

About Brainport Pilot Site

The Brainport permanent pilot site consists of the three following pilot area:
– The driverless car rebalancing service will be used on the Eindhoven University campus, a 2 km road network, without signalisation (cross walks, traffic lights, with 30 km/h speed limit is 30 km/h.
– The Automated Valet Parking use case will be used on the Automotive campus parking (200 places) and access roads (about 1 km – speed limit 15 km/h).
– The Highway pilot and the platooning use cases will be used on a 6 km portion of the A270 motorway (2 x 2 lanes) including its emergency lane, fully covered with ITS-G5 communication and monitoring cameras.

Read here about the work of AUTOPILOT partner DLR in the framework of the AVP use case.

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