Automated valet parking (AVP) is one of the key driving modes in the AUTOPILOT project. In AVP, IoT (Internet of Things) technologies enable a vehicle to drive unmanned to a parking spot and to return to the driver upon command. This aspect of the AUTOPILOT project was recently presented and the test vehicle was demonstrated to participants at the InterTraffic conference, taking place in Amsterdam on 20 – 23 March.

AUTOPILOT partner Sven Jansen (TNO) delivered a presentation on AVP to a room of more than 40 keen listeners on the second day of the event. First, Mr Jansen spoke about how the use of IoT technologies will move automated driving towards a new dimension. He then explained that AUTOPILOT will work to improve the perception of the driving environment by gathering data from IoT-enabled sensors, integrating IoT platforms into vehicles and using the cloud and IoT platforms to share sensor data, thus leading to the creation of new mobility services.

Mr Jansen then introduced the Automated Valet Parking feature of AUTOPILOT. AVP has several benefits. For the driver, AVP gives more comfort, as the driver no longer has to spend time finding a parking spot. In areas with little space, AVP is a sound solution, since cars can be parked closer together. This also decreases the chance to damage cars while parking them. Moreover, AVP also presents opportunities to optimise logistics and reduce congestion in and towards parking areas.

TNO, in collaboration with TASS, also hosted a static demo for AUTOPILOT AVP solution in the InterTraffic exhibition area, which was visited by more than 32,000 visitors during the four-day event. The static demo featured an AUTOPILOT vehicle, where visitors could see the technology for themselves, and a large screen showing simulations of AVP.

Brainport, the Netherlands, one of the six AUTOPILOT testing sites and the home of TNO, is scheduled to showcase AVP, in addition to the highway and platooning driving modes, in public demonstrations during the AUTOPILOT project. Keep an eye on the AUTOPILOT website for a precise date and more information about the event.


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