The AUTOPILOT project will deploy, test and demonstrate IoT-based automated driving use cases - urban driving, highway pilot, automated valet parking, and platooning - at several permanent pilot sites, in real traffic situations.



The Urban Driving use case requires automated driving vehicles to identify, predict and react in an array of complex situations. Fully automated vehicles will be tested driving from point A to B, without any input from the driver. The driver will be able at any time to override or switch off the system.

All AUTOPILOT pilot sites – Brainport, Livorno, Versailles, Vigo, Tampere and Daejeon City – will demonstrate the Urban Driving use case.

Automated Valet Parking


Automated Valet Parking (AVP) is a driverless automated driving use case including on-street car drop-off, driving to and from a parking spot, forwards and backwards manoeuvring, as well as on-street passenger pick-up.

The AVP use case will be deployed and evaluated in the AUTOPILOT pilot sites in Brainport, Tampere, Versailles and Vigo.

Highway Pilot


The Highway Pilot involves automated driving on motorways from entrance to exit, on all lanes, including overtaking. The driver must deliberately activate the system, but does not have to monitor it constantly. The system will not make requests to the driver to take over in a normal operation area such as the motorway. If vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is available from cooperative systems, ad-hoc convoys could also be created.

The Highway Pilot will be exploited at the AUTOPILOT pilot sites in Brainport and Livorno.



The platooning use case comprises fully automated or driverless vehicles driving closely one after the other. The vehicles form a platoon as they follow a leading vehicle and use advanced V2V communications.Two variants of platooning will be evaluated in the project:

  • An urban variant to enable car rebalancing of a group of vehicles, involving only one driver (to be piloted in Versailles).
  • A highway variant to test the electronic allowance of the emergency lane (dedicated lane) (to be piloted in Brainport).