The AUTOPILOT consortium met on 21st and 22nd November in Brussels for the first project consortium meeting. Hosted by AUTOPILOT coordinator Mr Francois Fischer (ERTICO – ITS Europe), the meeting was held at Hotel Barsey by Warwick.

The first day of the meeting focused on discussing the technical aspects of the AUTOPILOT system, whereas the second day included presentations from Pilot Site leaders and discussions on the events that AUTOPILOT will host at each of the five European Pilot Sites – Eindhoven, Livorno-Florence, Vigo, Tampere, and Versailles. More information on the Pilot Sites is available here.

The meeting included participation not only from the consortium partners, but also from the Advisory Board members, who provided useful feedback and some advice on the best way forward for the AUTOPILOT project.

At the end of the second day of the consortium meeting, a short General Assembly was also held to discuss internal project matters.

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