Last week, on 25th October, the AUTOPILOT consortium successfully passed its first project technical review. The consortium gathered in Brussels to present the activities that have been undertaken during the first ten months of the project. The Project Officer, as well as other experts from the European Commission, were eager to hear how AUTOPILOT is harnessing the potential of IoT to advance the automotive sector. The review was opened with an overall project presentation from AUTOPILOT coordinator Francois Fischer. Discussions then went into more detail about the system architecture, the evaluation approach, the pilot sites, the use cases, as well as the communication efforts that have been made and that AUTOPILOT intends to carry out in the future.

During the review the AUTOPILOT project was also evaluated in the wider context of the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots (LSP) Programme, which includes, alongside AUTOPILOT, projects U4IoT, CREATE-IoT, SynchroniCity, MONICA, IoF 2020 (Internet of Food and Farm 2020), and ACTIVEAGE. More information about the LSP programme can be found here. As the AUTOPILOT project advances, it will continue to seek to establish close ties and synergies with the other LSP projects.